Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Which came first, the movie or the book?

This post is written in response to a blog prompt on the Story Siren.

Are you going to watch the hunger games this weekend?

I am not going to go see the Hunger games this weekend, next weekend, or anytime soon. Why? because I truly hate watching movies based on books that I have read. I have never enjoyed it, and despite the monumental success of the Harry Potter and Twilight series - I am yet to watch any of the twilight movies and I only watched the first Harry Potter movie in its entirety. And that was only because my children forced me to.  I never watched the film - The Help, but I ravaged the book.

I am too finicky a reader to enjoy watching a what I consider to be a watered-down pictorial rendition of a great story in a book.  It irks me when critical portions of a book that I love are warped, twisted or even worse CUT just to force a well-fleshed out story into the box of a movie screen. I find that I am more apt to watch a movie first without every having read the book and then discovering - hark! there is book behind the movie.

For those of you going to enjoy the Hunger Games this weekend, enjoy! I hope it serves the books well.

I'll be home, watching Rio for the 100th time with my 4-year old.


  1. I don't usually watch movies based on boks I've read or vice versa - but for Hunger Games I'm making one of the rare exceptions. My step-son and I are going to a close to midnight showing on Friday night.


    1. Sounds like you have a nice night planned! Don't mind me, I'm a purist at heart. Enjoy your movie and have a great night!

  2. I'm going, because I'll never get my boyfriend to read the book, but he's willing to see the movie with me. I'm still cringing over the casting of Peeta and Gale, though. I hope they do a decent job.

    1. I can see where you're coming from. The story is definitely a fantastic one and I hope for your sake it's wonderful! I love Josh Hutcherson - He's not a bad pick in my mind for Peeta. Have a great time! and share your impressions when you've seen it! I'll be waiting to hear from you!