About me

I'm a dyed in the wool bookworm who reads in spite of my chaotic life. I'm the wife of one groovy guy and we have three audacious kids that keep us going from dawn till dusk. I am full-time employee of the public education system in America, so recreational reading is my drug of choice!

I still read print, but in 2012, went the way of eInk reader. I read all genres, but I am particular to science fiction, fantasy, mystery and whodunit books for adults and young adults.

I started this blog to share my love of books and reading with others in January 2012 after I bought my first eReader - the Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch.  I love reading books in print, but I simply had no more room in my home for any more books and how can I truly say I'm "green" if I support the en masse killing of trees?

About my reviews

My book review style is ever-evolving in format and presentation, but I will always give my off-the-cuff, honest-to-goodness reaction to a book.  I don't attempt to provide an in depth analysis of characters, motives or author's intent. I'm just letting you if the book rocked or if it was a bust. Simple as that!

For a mom who's caught up in the twister of life, I don't have much time for my else my friends!

Update to this - After reading some well-written reviews online, I couldn't bear to have my reviews stand in such a state.  My reviews are now a little more robust. And now you've all met the perfectionist in me!